Why Club Vita?

​Longevity remains the biggest unmanaged risk for defined benefit (DB) schemes. As pension schemes mature, longevity deserves a proactive plan for its management, avoiding future regret on funding, on investment strategy and on risk transfer.


Whether you’re new to Club Vita, or you’ve come across us before, our VitalStatistics show how we’ve matured as we approach our 10th birthday.

Track record 

Since our launch in 2008, Club Vita membership has grown to include over 220 leading UK defined benefit (DB) pension schemes, with over £300bn of liabilities.

Sample size

Our dataset is the largest and richest of its kind, including records on over 2.7m living UK pensioners. This equates to 1 in 4 pensioners from DB pension schemes or 1 in 7 of UK’s retired population.

Backward reach

Records cover over 1.4m deceased pensioners, stretching back to early 1990s (when cheap electronic data storage changed administrators’ working practices).


We hold pensioner data across all industries, with 2/3 from the private sector. We also hold pre-retirement salary figures for 70% of pensioners. Club Vita’s granular socio-economic data is more than 10 times larger than the ONS’s corresponding analysis (which is based on a 1% sample of the population).

Our unrivalled dataset includes data from 220 DB schemes with over £300bn of liabilities. Records cover over 2.7 million living pensioners - that's equivalent to 1 in 7 of the UK's retired population.
Professional relationships

Annual data extracts are received from 12 different administrators. Our contracts have been reviewed by at least 12 different law firms over the last 10 years.

Deep cleansing 

Over the last year, our checks on those aged 85+ have identified almost 800 pensioners who are believed to have passed away, with annual pensions totalling £3.5m. We also corrected postcodes on around 5% of records meaning we have postcodes for around 95% of records held – the rest are largely explained by pensioners living abroad.

Performance gain

By setting more accurate assumptions, the last 34 schemes to join Club Vita have benefitted from an average 1% reduction to liabilities. There’s an estimated £25bn gain available to UK DB schemes yet to benefit from Club Vita. You can read more on this story here.

Industry adoption

Whilst Hymans Robertson founded Club Vita, today 40% of pensioners in Club Vita receive actuarial advice from a range of other actuarial advisors. Our VitaCurves model is used by 7 out of 10 longevity reinsurers. Since the first swap longevity transaction in 2009, Club Vita’s insights have helped 20 schemes to insure around £40bn of longevity risk, giving both sides the confidence that they have an attractive trade.

Longevity is not simply an assumption, but a real risk. Having hard evidence to negotiate assumptions with Actuaries, or terms with providers, adds real value.
John Chilman, Chairman, Railways Pension Trustee Company

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