​Over the last decade, Club Vita’s innovative team has designed, built and refined a box of specialist quantitative tools for managing longevity risk.


​Increase confidence in the resilience of your risk planning for future falls in death rates.

What does it do?

VitaTrends’ calculation routines look both backwards and forwards:

Looking back: it analyses the recent changes in death rates in three equal-sized socio-economic groups, which we call VitaSegmentsTM. These can be thought of as building blocks so that you can design your own allowance for future improvements in longevity, tailored to the socio-economic mix of your scheme.

Looking forward: it quantifies the impact of a series of contrasting health scenarios on your future pension expenditure, from cancer breakthroughs to rationing because of ageing populations and austerity.

What makes it different?

What makes it different?
  • For the first time VitaSegments delivers historical trend analysis that is not only relevant to pension funds, but can also be implemented flexibly to reflect the lifestyles that your pensioners are likely to follow. One size no longer needs to fit all.
  • Our health scenarios help you understand the wide range of possible outcomes for your expenditure, helping you avoid unexpected cash flow issues in your investment strategy.

Ultimately, the VitaTrends tool empowers trustees to take control of what is the main source of longevity risk for most schemes – longevity trends – whose impact has been consistently underestimated by demographers and actuaries.

Want to know more?

Find out more about how you can benefit from annual data cleansing, benchmarking of your scheme and longevity assumptions for every individual in it.