​Over the last decade, Club Vita’s innovative team has designed, built and refined a box of specialist quantitative tools for managing longevity risk.


Indicative longevity pricing that's as easy as reading a share price in the Financial Times.

What is it?

VitaHedge calculates a tailored indicative market price for a longevity risk, based on your scheme’s membership and our understanding of the reinsurance market.

Your scheme receives a tailored VitaHedge indicative price on supply of your annual data. This price is readily compared with your reserving basis, giving you an indication of the risk premium that you would have to pay to reduce your exposure to longevity risk.

What makes it different?

What makes it different?
  • There’s no need for you to submit additional data and there’s no extra cost involved. VitaHedge is an automated process, capturing the demographic profile of your scheme and your historical experience when you submit your annual data to Club Vita.
  • So you’ll no longer need to ask favours from busy longevity reinsurers to get an indicative price.

Knowing the market price of longevity, which will be embedded in bulk annuity prices as well as in stand-alone longevity insurance policies, lets you refine your de-risking plans.

Club Vita (UK) LLP is an appointed representative of Hymans Robertson LLP, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Licensed by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries for a range of investment business activities. 

Club Vita’s service to pension funds is helping make longevity insurance available to pension schemes of all sizes at a sensible price.
Kerrigan Procter, CEO, L&G Retirement

Want to know more?

Find out more about how you can benefit from annual data cleansing, benchmarking of your scheme and longevity assumptions for every individual in it.