Steven Baxter and Helen Wells talk to Citywire about the future of retirement

The retirement phase of life is imminent for many people, whilst for others it feels like a very distant concept. Planning for retirement, however, is prominently on the radar for people of all ages.

21 April 2020

There are general spending and saving patterns that we often see in retirement – but how different could these be in the future? Recent increases to life expectancy together with the decline of the “gold-plated” Defined Benefit pension could mean that a current 30 year old may be facing a very different retirement in the future compared with that of their parents.

In this article, Club Vita’s very own Steven Baxter and Helen Wells look into their crystal balls (and used a bit of statistical analysis) to predict what some of the differences could be and how future financial needs might differ.

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What do you think the future of retirement may look like?

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