Responding to the CMI’s Q2 mortality monitor

Following the publication of the CMI’s Q2 mortality monitor, Steven Baxter, Head of research and development at Club Vita commented on what a more positive life expectancy outlook could mean for pension schemes.

“It seems that after many years of doom and gloom for longevity in the UK we may finally have some good news to share. The combination of a mild winter and a fairly benign flu season means that the first half of 2019 has followed in the footsteps of the second half of 2018. In fact the first six months of this year have seen the lowest deaths on record since 2014. If this trend continues then we can expect to see headlines in 2020 revising our current life expectancy predictions upwards. Pension schemes and insurers should pay close attention to these trends as those who followed the latest model from the CMI could find their liabilities increasing by well over 1%.”

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