Club Vita

Proper noun, [Kluhb vee-tuh], \ˈkləb vē-tə\

  1. UK-based Centre of excellence for improving understanding of human longevity.
  2. Community of organisations with a shared interest in longevity and belief that the ‘bigger’ the data, the lower the (statistical) noise.
  3. Provider of longevity risk informatics to support pension funds’ risk management strategies and enable market innovation.
Our data set holds pensioner data across all industries, with two thirds from the private sector

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Lexicon of Longevity

Our glossary of longevity terms provides an ever-evolving explanatory hub of longevity terminology. Including top line definitions, related terms and links to further reading.

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Why Club Vita?

Collaboration is at the heart of all we do, and every year we pool data from around 200 defined benefit (DB) pension schemes giving us the richest data set of its kind in the market.

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Club Vita deserves credit for changing the market by providing mortality information in a way that makes trustees feel able to make informed decisions about longevity assumptions, rather than simply accepting their actuary’s proposals.
Huw Evans, Trustee Executive, BESTrustees plc